Women’s Wisdom Circle

Women’s Wisdom Circle

Community. Identity. Sharing. Exploration. Honesty. Silence. Simplicity.
A joyful celebration of the real self.

Women’s Wisdom Circle

Next Tele-Circles begins September, 2014 on
Tuesdays: 7 p.m. EST
(over a six month period with 
specific dates to be decided by circle members)

*An in-person Wisdom Circle will begin every October in Ridgeway, Ontario

Listen to Edie Pett (a naturopath and iridologist at www.edieeyes.com) share her experience:

There’s a deep concern more and more women across the globe share. It often comes up in my conversations with clients, colleagues, strangers, and friends:

They feel distanced from their innermost selves.

Why? Because they’ve spent so long focusing 100% of their attention on to-do lists, careers, and loved ones, they’ve fallen out of touch with who they really are. And the scariest part is… they don’t know how to reverse the process.

Can you relate? If so, you’re not alone. 

You are 40+ and possibly in transition, ‘trying’ hard to find your way through a new stage in your career, a deep loss in your life, and/or your retirement years.   Or you may simply be in touch with your longing to be truly YOU.  You are ready to live and love from within and connect with your inner truth to guide you in creating a fulfilling life.

Imagine if there was a safe, loving space you could go to be authentically yourself. A haven comprised of a small group of women, each ready & willing to rediscover and explore who each of you are at your core.

For centuries, communities of women have gathered to learn from and support one another. And although women today still yearn for that deep connection… places like that are few and far between.

Until now. 

When we gather together in a Women’s Wisdom Circle, we begin the journey of turning inward to our ‘inner teacher’.

The sessions are structured very simply. Sharing is allowed to flow organically, and enriching silence to permeate, helping you stay in a state of honest inner examination.

The Women’s Wisdom Circle is cradled in two crucial principles:

  1. We all have a ‘wise woman’ within (our inner teacher), from whom we receive valuable and loving guidance. Mindful silence allows her to speak.
  2. We all need the support of others to amplify this voice, because the authentic path requires work, courage, and develops from inner reflection and dialogue.

Being together enables our inner voice (our soul) to come forward, and become an integral part of our lives.

Listen to what past participants share about their experience in a
Women’s Wisdom Circle 
and the difference it has made in their lives:

Women’s Wisdom Circle has taken me to new heights of self-understanding, acceptance and love – gifting me with deeper confidence for who I am. In the sessions with Jeannie, the profound breakthroughs surfaced feeling the pressure I put upon myself and busting thoughts which carried on discreetly as the days went by bringing awareness until it became second nature. This has been an important lesson in respect and honor for my truths and experiences as well as others, bringing me closer to Oneness.

Anne-Marie Cloutier

The Wisdom Circle gave me a safe space, a sanctuary, to explore my own feelings, struggles, problems and thoughts.  I needed that.  Jeannie created a calm, peaceful mood each gathering that allowed me to go much deeper into myself and find my own answers. I learned to savor the silence and realize there was so much more of me beneath the noise and chaos of my life.  It changed me. The idea that I was not there to fix, save or set anyone else straight freed me to focus on myself.  I and women in general, are often expected to be problem solvers, healers and peacemakers and put everyone else first. This space allowed me to be all those things for myself and achieve powerful results.

Thank you Jeannie!

 Candy Kaiser

We welcome all levels of emotional experience, joy, and struggle.

Say what is truly on your mind. Experience the power of silence and deep listening. Feel your feelings. Let yourself simply be where you are in a space where your struggles, successes, and fears are embraced.

Still not sure what it’s all about? 

The Women’s Wisdom Circle is a(n)…

  • Unique chance to meet and grow alongside a small circle of women who share your strong desire for a deeply fulfilling, authentic life
  • Welcoming, open environment for the soul, where you’ll be warmly supported as you work to connect to your core (your innermost self)
  • Judgment-free space for your most pressing questions, truths, ideas, and dreams
  • Come-as-you-are, say-what-you-feel zone where we observe the gifts of unbreakable confidentiality, presence, profound silence, and the magic of everyday life
  • Gentle introduction to your innermost knowing

The Women’s Wisdom Circle is NOT a(n)…

  • ‘Do this not that’ lecture or workshop
  • Fixed curriculum or guided class. It is entirely organic, free and simple. This gives you the opportunity to really hear yourself, others, and dive deeper than you ever thought possible.
  • Place to be fixed, saved, corrected, ‘set straight’
  • Communication-required activity. Speak up when you’re ready. Your silence and words are equally respected and honoured.
  • Answer. YOU have the answers – this circle helps you uncover and explore them

Make this your time to focus on you! 

I personally joined Jeannie’s Women’s Wisdom Circle in January and I highly recommend it. To me this is a wonderful opportunity to encounter ourselves in presence. To listen without judgement and deepen our connection to our own inner wisdom. Within this circle of support we are safe to express our authentic selves.. To experience and embrace who we really are.

Lori Folkins

The Important Details
Guide: Me, Jeannie Campanelli!
The circle: Four women MAX, ready and eager to learn and grow together
Gatherings:  Fifteen gatherings of one circle within three parts (5 + 5 + 5) with each part building on the previous one.  After Part One, Connecting to Essence (5 sessions), you choose if you wish to continue to Part Two, Deepening into Essence (5 sessions) and onto Part Three: Integration into Your Life (5 sessions). There is a discounted fee for those who already know that they want to commit to all three parts right away.
Times:  Specific Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. EST to be selected by each participating group.

This will be a special time set aside for you to:

  • strengthen your ability to be centered, mindful and present
  • deeply listen without judgment and express your truth courageously
  • connect with your inner wisdom
  • be surrounded by supportive women who stand for safety and trust, emotional sensitivity, and connectivity
  • find and get to know the real you beyond the roles you play
  • learn to fearlessly bring your authentic self into every interaction

In your heart, you know that personal authenticity makes a difference in every facet of your life. Make the choice to join us. Watch the magic that unfolds for you.

I have learned so much. I feel different and even use different words to express myself. You have opened my eyes, my mind and my heart to such beauty and wisdom. It has changed me. I feel more courageous, stronger and humble.
It has been a wonderful experience and such an educational one, too. Just amazing.


Part One - Connecting to Your Core

Part One – Connecting to Your Core
(Beginning Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 from 7 to 9 p.m. EST)

This is where you begin to set the stage to listen to your inner voice.  In these sessions, we will reflect upon what are the ingredients that ensure you are connected to your inner self.  We practice the art of deep listening to ourselves and others.



Early bird registration (for purchases made before August 15th, 2014) – $185
Standard Rate – $210

Note: Once you have completed the payment process, please do not shut down or close the page. You will be redirected to another page that contains the information you need for the call(s), and the link for you to download the e-book(s). If your browser does not redirect you to this page, please email me right away.





Part Two - Deepening into Your CorePart Two – Deepening into Your Core
(Beginning Tuesday, January 6, 2015 from 7 to 9 p.m. EST)

In this part, you experience the flow that unfolds as you practice your new found skills. Your inner voice is more loudly heard.




Early bird registration (for purchases made before November 15th, 2014) – $185
Standard rate – $210

Note: Once you have completed the payment process, please do not shut down or close the page. You will be redirected to another page that contains the information you need for the call(s), and the link for you to download the e-book(s). If your browser does not redirect you to this page, please email me right away.





Part Three - Integration into Your LifePart Three – Integration into Your Life
(Beginning on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 from 7 to 9 p.m. EST)

Lastly, you learn the tools of being with yourself and others while having the opportunity to bring a real-life question to the forefront. Clarity arises as each participant engages in the process in a confidential and trusting atmosphere.



Early bird registration (for purchases made before February 15th, 2014) – $185
Standard rate – $210

Note: Once you have completed the payment process, please do not shut down or close the page. You will be redirected to another page that contains the information you need for the call(s), and the link for you to download the e-book(s). If your browser does not redirect you to this page, please email me right away.



* During the span of our circle, you will receive a reduced rate for one-on-one coaching to support you on your journey. 

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This group is a wonderful place to practice going inward. Jeannie is able to create and hold space for women, encouraging us to practice listening, honouring, and expressing our own inner truths.

Cheryl,  http://healingthroughshame.com

I have seen in myself a subtle growth in confidence. If in a threatening or critical situation, I am better able to step back and not feel the need to add or comment. It feels like a ‘knowing’ and I don’t take ownership of others thoughts or feelings. I found the topics of discussion and reflection helped me work through issues both current and from the past. Better to deal with them than keep them hidden inside.

I was able to see myself in others discussions and enjoyed the opportunity to relax and listen with no comment required.

At first I felt a little intimidated as I am not one to talk about myself and never about my feelings or past. I was quite surprised with what I was able to share, often sharing it honestly with myself for the first time.

My daily interactions with others and my feelings toward myself have both softened and I can see this continuing. I am not as concerned with what others think…this makes life a little less stressful.

Thanks for this opportunity to get to know myself a little bit better.


The tangible truth of what the circle is about isn’t just how great the in-circle work made me feel at the time.  For me, it’s about how that work translates.  How I deal with the challenges of real life and seeing the shift there.  I find myself moving through my life more and more connected to my compassionate voice within and without that comes from my heart.  Unfolding, developing, and deepening in response to the work.



It was a very healing experience for my spirit (soul). I learned a lot about myself. The meditations helped me relax and focus after a busy day.  Your guidance takes me places that enrich my mind and soul.


This is a quiet time for you to think about your life through the framework of the readings and questions. The peace and quiet of the group is very meditative and really provides a good space to listen to what your soul is hoping to tell you and to come up with fresh perspectives on your life.


I was going through a very difficult time having recently lost my husband. The Circle helped me to connect with my inner self and heal. By the end of the six month process, I reached a point of peace and readiness to move on.


The Women’s Wisdom Circle provides a safe place in which just to “Be” with the thoughts put out there. One can participate or observe. The very nature of the process forces one to go inward. It does not allow one  to  ‘engage’ in behavioral patterns of action and reaction – all this has to take place internally and be worked out in that manner. One becomes more aware that thoughts and actions are created by themselves and not by others, thereby allowing one to figure out ways to ‘uncreate’ them. While as discomforting that this can be at times, it helps to free up positive energy with which to move forward. One is left with a fuller awareness of self.


I recall when I reflected on coming to the Wisdom Circle I was working on no longer “saving” people. The Circle nicely integrated with that part of my journey. I have also been making an effort to cultivate silence in my life and so again the circle complemented that part of my journey. Several things were eye openers. I enjoyed the many different poems and ideas you shared each Circle to reflect upon.  The Circles had a nice flow. The evening always went by in a flash.


I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and am trying to live by some of the good things I have taken away from this course.

Why the Women’s Wisdom Circle?

As a professional coach, I’ve been privileged enough to lead and participate in a number of women’s circles.

I want to share this experience with women in my own area and beyond. My intention is to cultivate communities of women committed to holding a safe, loving and present space for each of us to uncover our natural selves – whether with lively discussion or gentle silence.

My Invitation to You, and Your Investment

Imagine: living with more presence, self-awareness, and choice – supported in all you do by women who have grown to truly know you. Participating in this circle could change your life forever.

Your investment for the Women’s Wisdom Circle:
6 months of authentic exploration within a community

If this invitation calls to you after reading all on this page, you are welcome to email me, or simply call me at 289-876-9133 for a conversation. I’d love to help you explore whether the Women’s Wisdom Circle is for you!

To learn more about me and the one-on-one work that I do (which is founded on these principles) , visit www.innerconfidencecoaching.com.

I look forward to being with you.


Jeannie Campanelli

A special thank you to Ariane Noel for her beautiful drawing of the lotus flower.  You can purchase this lotus for your desktop. Click here.
* And a special thank you to Socrates who creates art that touches the soul at www.sacredgates.com.


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