One-on-One Coaching

Clients initially express aspirations for a better career or a more satisfying relationship.  As we talk, however, it is revealed that they crave a personal sense of inner confidence which is a state of being:

  • Openness to love
  • Ability to tap into inner wisdom and clarity
  • Freedom to express themselves in an honest and natural way

I’ve been re-introduced to the person I used to know who just got lost along the way.  Like peeling an onion, I uncovered layers that I didn’t know about myself.

From this sense of inner confidence, your aspirations for a better career and more satisfying relationships unfold naturally from the inside out.

The Most Powerful Way to Experience Inner Confidence is the Embodiment of Simply Being your Natural Self.

I never imagined in this lifetime having the confidence/trust and making a choice from this place to to ‘sit still’ and ‘BE’.  Freeing myself to moments of ‘being’ has created opportunities to experience within these moments deep feelings of ‘calmness’, ‘peace’, ‘joy’, ‘love’.

As your coach, I serve as your witness and guide, and support you in discovering and embracing yourself through a safe, gentle, and heart-centered process. I hold the space for you to be exactly where you are, as you are. From here, I partner with you to:

  • Provide a structure to expand and deepen into your heart
  • Explore the inspiration and possibilities that arise from your life
  • Maintain the focus of moving forward in life in your own way
  • Allow you to accept what you cannot control

You will learn practical, lifelong tools that allow you to be with feelings and emotions, as well as how to question the critical and judgmental mind…

so that you can freely live in the truth of whom you are.

Jeannie’s ability to get me to hear my own voice, to trust my own intuition, was exactly what I needed in the moment; and it has proved invaluable to me since my time with Jeannie. At important junctures in my life the power of my work with Jeannie remains as a northern star pointing me on toward the truest expression of who I am. For this I am forever grateful.

Our one-on-one sessions will allow you to explore the important questions and raise the real-life issues related to inner confidence.

I’m happy in my skin. I have more security. I’m more comfortable with who I am. In relationships with others, I’ve noticed that I seem to be more at ease being who I am and not holding back.

In a coach-client relationship, the client is responsible for doing the work while the coach is there to support and guide the client and keep the client accountable to intentions.The client is the expert; the coach is the catalyst. The partnership paradigm allows the coach and client to work together as equals, partners, and collaborators.

As a coach, I cannot guarantee you specific results from our coaching because they will depend on your actions. I provide you with structure, accountability, and new possibilities.

Getting Started

Once you have contacted me for a consultation, we set a time via phone or Skype to explore if we would work well together in a partnership.  In hiring the coach for you, it is important that there is a connection between us that  encourages you to feel a sense of safety to express yourself openly and freely.  I am dedicated to creating a safe and loving container for the heart of each person who I feel honored to coach.

As you move forward to becoming my client, we begin with a foundational intensive that is designed to jump start you in the Inner Confidence process.  In this intensive, you will explore what is happening now in your life and where you would like to be, and identify your heart’s deepest longing.

From here, we will co-design a coaching plan that meets your individual needs. We will determine how often we meet, the length of our sessions, and what kind of support will serve you in between each session.  Throughout our coaching partnership, this design is an ongoing, open process that evolves, according to what is happening in your inner and outer life.

Your Guide to Inner ConfidenceWhen you schedule a session with me, you automatically receive three copies of It’s MY Life!: Your Connection to YOU, Building Unwavering Self-Acceptance, and Inner Confidence for the Real World, a value of $210 each.  This is to support you in using this time of conscious exploration as efficiently as possible.

Ongoing email support and short phone calls between sessions are included in your monthly package as well as It’s MY Life!.

Take the First Step NOW 

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