The following guided audio meditations are here for you to visit time and time again as as a support to nourish the 'being' in human being.

This meditation below is to support you to be IN your body - centered and present. Note that you will be asked to invite into your center  a quality that arises within you so examples of this might be patience, acceptance or gentleness.  It is of great value to be guided in this meditation as often as you are able as its impact builds.

The heart meditation below is a way for you to integrate the practice of directly being with thoughts, emotions and body sensations in deep awareness.

A meditation that taps into your body wisdom using a mindfulness approach, this audio can be a resource for you in dealing with a limiting belief.

To experience the richness of the heart takes you beyond the mind's focus on 'lack'.  This audio is an opening to presence through the practice of heartfelt appreciation.

This guided meditation is an opportunity for you to practice being mindful as you experience the impact of kindness and gentleness toward yourself.