Jeannie Campanelli

About You

You are longing for a heart-centered life in which you move beyond the story created by your conditioned mind. In the story, you feel tossed around by your emotional reactions to yourself, others and life itself. You lack a sense of being solidly grounded and centered as your focus is 'out there' rather than within you.

There are three practices to support you to turn inward and truly live your life as your own...

Simply being who you are is embodied through self-discovery and acceptance of your human 'beingness', that which is present. In presence, your compassion, inner knowing, sense of wonder and creativity are more accessible to you. When being is in place, then doing occurs in a natural, effortless and energy-sustaining way. 

Being mindful is an open, non-judgmental way of being conscious and aware of your inner self and the surrounding environment. It involves being non-attached to particular outcomes, stepping back from habitual patterns and letting go of trying to make something happen. It is all about letting - letting go and letting be.

Reflective Presence involves the mindful awareness of your present experience – both while it is happening plus after the experience. Being reflective gives you the ability to move from reaction to creative response. 

About Me

As a young woman, the pain from unmet expectations and a sense of being not ‘good enough’  motivated me to dive voraciously into the self-help movement. I read about and experienced many modalities related to body, mind and spirit with the intention to fix who I was so I would a 'better' person. In this quest, I acquired a lot of knowledge and skills and yet my heart continued to long for more.  

By turning within, I began to follow the calling of my heart. I am now committed to be directly with each painful emotion, habitual pattern and limiting belief in my heart. In this, the fight with myself to be different than who I am in each moment has dropped.

The fruits of this practice are many.  In allowing all to rest in me, as it is, the protection around my heart is melting. I now find myself living more and more in the moment - being, letting, accepting, trusting, grateful and open to everything. Life is unfolding in its own magical way as I be with the 'gold' in each moment instead of wishing life - and me - to be different. I am complete and not finished.

Professional Bio:

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach since 2001, The Coaches Training Institute, California
  • Graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program, The Coaches Training Institute, California
  • Certified Awakening Coach,
  • Certified Body-Centered Coach and Trainer, based on mindfulness,
  • Previous work experience as a teacher, consultant and counsellor
  • Past faculty member in special education at Brock University, Canada
  • Doctorate in Education with a focus on Applied Psychology from the University of Toronto, Canada

About Us

My intention is to support you on the path of a present, mindful, heart-centered life. You have the choice to read, listen and engage according to what feels right for you.

The Living Your Life as Your Own newsletter and/or blog posts are filled with insights and practices that can be delivered to your inbox. 

There are guided audio meditations to support you in being present, centered and grounded which you can listen to as often as you choose.  

The It's MY Life! E-Program will provide you with an abundance of opportunities for reflection, self-discovery and self-acceptance. I am available for a 1-to-1 coaching session when there is a sense of 'stickiness' as you turn inward. 

You can explore having a 1-to-1 coaching session if you are being called to make a decision and want to explore it more deeply so that it will be a sustainable and congruent one. There is more about this here, Engage

It will be a privilege to be part of your journey.  Thank you again for dropping by to explore all that is here for you.



"Jeannie’s ability to get me to hear my own voice, to trust my own intuition, was exactly what I needed in the moment; and it has proved invaluable to me since my time with Jeannie. At important junctures in my life the power of my work with Jeannie remains as a northern star pointing me on toward the truest expression of who I am. For this I am forever grateful."   
Writer, Activist, Coach


"I never imagined in this lifetime having the confidence/trust and making a choice from this place to to ‘sit still’ and ‘BE’.  Freeing myself to moments of ‘being’ has created opportunities to experience within these moments deep feelings of ‘calmness’, ‘peace’, ‘joy’, ‘love’."
Occupational Therapist


"I find myself moving through my life more and more connected to my compassionate voice within and without that comes from my heart.  Unfolding, developing, and deepening in response to the work."
Mother, Artist