The It's MY Life! Program

It's MY Life! is a self-study program that provides a structure to give you the time and space to focus on you. It is jam-packed with almost 100 pages of exercises and resources to support you in living a heart-centered life. It is designed to further open you to your true nature that naturally shines through you beyond your story.

There are three key themes to It's MY LIfe!:

Your Connection to YOU

Chapter 1: Self-Claiming: Claiming Your Life as Your Own
Chapter 2: Self-Knowing: Knowing the Essence of You
Chapter 3: Self-Intimacy: Staying Connected to the Core of You

Building Unwavering Self-Acceptance

Chapter 1: Self-Embracing: Accepting All of You
Chapter 2: Appreciating Life: Appreciating Yourself and Others

Inner Confidence in the Real World

Chapter 1: Relating from Self: Being Naturally You in Your Relationships
Chapter 2: Contributing from Self: Work as a Natural Fit
Chapter 3: Celebrating Life: That Which is Who I Truly Am

Price: $85 U.S.

This includes:

  • reflective exercises and a wide range of resources to strengthen and deepen your inner confidence
  • powerful journal prompts to support you in honest self-awareness and self-discovery
  • a built-in structure that will help you set the time aside for yourself
  • guided audio mediations included throughout the program to deepen each chapter's intention
  • a separate collection of guided audio meditations titled: 'Committing to You and Your Life', 'Connecting to Stillness', 'Choosing to be Present', 'Awareness', 'Accepting You as You Are', 'Self-Care', 'Your Inner Teacher', 'Opening the Heart', 'Your Deepest Longing', 'Moving Beyond', 'Nurturing Appreciation', 'The Power of ‘I Don’t Know’',  'Sharing You' and 'Saying Yes to Life'
  • 24/7 access to all materials so you can explore at your own pace
  • the opportunity to listen to your own knowing regarding on which chapter/exercise/journal prompt  you will place your attention


"This guide has many components for you to choose from – visualizations, meditation audios, journaling and reflective exercises. There is something for everyone. You will be encouraged to reflect: to tap into what you want and to tell yourself the truth about what is working in your life and what is not.  You will connect with your essence and gain insights that will deepen your understanding of yourself. You will grow in self-confidence and self-acceptance as you take action on your own behalf.  Your path will begin to become clear; you can make choices that will assist you to design your own life path.I highly recommend It’s MY Life!  Nourish your spirit and grow."
- Marlena Field, Founder,


"This has deeply enriched my experience and has left me feeling more present, more grounded and more connected to my own heart, than ever before. Thank you Jeannie.  It's about really knowing yourself and experiencing life from the heart perspective. It’s about embracing all aspects of yourself based on work that is flowing and trusting that unfolds without trying."
- Lori Folkins,