A Key to Authentic Living

As we continue to move through 2013, I invite you to take the time to reflect on what you're really about in this life. In other words, from a big picture view, where are you placing your attention? Read more to find out how knowing your 'stake in the ground' is such a powerful way to draw you forward, creatively express yourself, and share your natural gifts.

A Key to Authentic Living

What do I mean by ‘stake in the ground’? Think of the metaphor, tetherball. The ball in this game is tethered to a stationary stake in the ground - no matter what.

Applying this metaphor to your life requires that you invest the time and energy needed to discover your own stake in the ground which you take a stand for - no matter what. You are worthy of this investment as there is so much potential for possibilities to arise from this grounded foundation.

For myself, I participated in a year long, leadership program for coaches about twelve years ago, delivered by www.thecoaches.com, in which I was challenged to discover my professional ‘stake’ in the ground. What I learned in every cell of my being is that I am all about supporting others to be in their own lives, as they truly are.

Throughout my years as a coach, I’ve designed what I offer grounded in this stake. This has brought me such simplicity and clarity in my work, and I’ve learned that this stake isn’t just about my work. It encompasses all of my life.

My stake continues to point me, every step of the way, to turn inward and deeply listen to what is in my heart. It has helped me to responsibly and playfully live my own life with love and grace.

To this day, I am integrating my stake into my personal and professional life in an ever-deepening way. It isn’t about ‘doing’ and perfection as this stake is essentially about ‘being’ myself. There is no changing, fixing, or adapting. Simply resting inward with an awareness of my stake sets the stage for a practice that supports me in being conscious, centered, and flowing.

My clients throughout the years have discovered their own unique ‘stake in the ground’. Creating possibilities for those who live in poverty; supporting consciousness in environmental sustainability; honoring freedom and individuality; creating beauty; standing for wellness in mind and body; connecting with self and others kindly and respectfully; and being mindful, centered and awake are just a few.

Here are some guidelines to support you in playing this inner game of ‘tetherball’:

  1. Get to know all about you in every way: what’s important to you, what excites you, what are your strengths and natural gifts, and what are your weaknesses.
  2. Keep turning inward to honestly explore and discover more about you.
  3. Observe what calls you over and over again at a heart level.
  4. Remind yourself that there are no rules that limit your stake. You can play this game your way.
  5. Your stake tills the soil for you to truly BE in your life.


Find a special time and place to reflect within. Be in your body, in your heart, in your feet, in your breath. With wonder, ask yourself: what is my stake in the ground? What is most important to me?  What is the stand that I want to take in this life? Why am I here?

Write in your journal, draw, mind map - express yourself in your way. The key is to rest in this inquiry and watch what emerges.

For those of you who need a structure to support you in focussing on your stake, I invite you to contact me for one-on-one time. I’d love to hear from you.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,

With love, Jeannie

  • The e-program Your Guide to Inner Confidence, can be purchased here for those of you who like to journal or draw in solitude. This e-program will also be offered via the phone to a group of six to eight women who are in transition and committed to getting clear on their unique ‘stake in the ground’. Stay tuned for details!

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