Your Relationship Circle

The circle of friends and family that you surround yourself with makes a significant difference in the quality of your life.  For an introvert, this may look like a few good, solid friendships and, for an extrovert, the circle might be significantly larger.

The size of your relationship circle isn't what's important. What is important is that YOU are at the center of your circle - your relationship with yourself, a Higher Power and Nature.

The other key is that you see your relationships as a composite so that your focus is not just on one person. For example, a mate will not give you everything that you need in terms of support. Nor will one friend.

For me, I notice that some friends bring a deep sense of experience and wisdom while others share a common interest (like delving into new avenues for personal growth). There are friends with whom I enjoy a lot of fun and laughter. With others, there is a long history of friendship and a deep knowing of one another and how far we've come.

What can happen when you set up your support system based on one person is that expectations and control issues might emerge. In other words, you may become needy with that person and let go of being the boss of yourself. This may be particularly true with your significant other.

What I notice is that the fullness of my heart coincides with my appreciation of the composite of ALL of what my relationships bring. The richness - and freedom - of life comes from allowing all of the people in my circle to touch my heart.


I embrace all of my friends and family members who are part of my relationship circle. I know that each individual brings to me something different, and I to them. It's the composite of it all that creates a full life. And for that I am deeply grateful.


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