Your Quality of Life - Expressing Your Heart

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. - by Henry Van Dyke

How often do you stop from fully expressing yourself in whatever way that calls to you because it might not be the ‘best” or at least as good as you think it should be? How often does comparison and perfectionism stop you from listening to your heart? Because of this comparison habit, how out of touch are you with ALL that makes your heart sing?

It’s important to notice and simply be with what is not working for you. It’s the conscious way.

I’m creating a new program called It’s My Life!: A Guided Group Adventure in Freedom, Self-Confidence and Finding Your Path. My heart sings as I do this in quiet solitude and in collaboration with others who are sharing their gifts with me.

I could stop myself from putting this ‘song’ out in the world by making all kinds of comparisons and excuses that keep me in fear. And I am moving on. Regardless of the outcome, I know that I’m receiving great pleasure in the creation of this adventure that will be expressed in my own unique way. I offer it as a gift. And I’m open and ready to co-create with each participant while in the experience of sharing it.

Like our beautiful birds that can bring so much joy by singing in their singular way, what is your unique ‘note’? What is your message? What makes your heart sing as you genuinely share yourself?

Is your message about beauty that can be expressed in a myriad of ways around you? Is it the message that each person is important, including yourself, that you express when interacting with others? Is it your humour that spontaneously ignites smiles and/or laughter, including in yourself? There are as many expressions of a message as people in this world.

Whatever your message or ‘song’ sounds and looks like, however you singularly express yourself, we need you. Even if it isn’t pretty, we need you. We learn from you. We see ourselves in you. You are important to the whole of life.

This world would not be the same without your message, your unique gifts, your way of being in your life.

Give yourself permission to find what makes your heart sing and express that in your own way. Stand in your own feet, feel into your own heart, be in your own body. Listen. Be open to what you are inspired to share and then express it from your heart to ours.


Draw your attention to noticing when you hold back expressing who you are and what you stand for. Feel into that. See what’s present within you in that moment without analyzing, suppressing, making yourself wrong, or creating a story.

Notice the beliefs that disempower you and question them in a gentle, kind way.

Set the intention to play by expressing you and your message in a way that makes your heart sing. An in-the-body pleasure that feels right to you in every way.