Your Heart is Talking...Are You Listening?

Committing to listening to the voice of your heart can be a radical act. Sometimes it gives us information that we'd rather ignore because there's a part of us that wants something different. Sometimes it requires a lot of courage to follow through on its message. Sometimes it can lead us into the unknown.  And, sometimes, our heart leads us straight to joy.

I don't know about you, but I know what it's like to ignore what my heart tells me. I've overridden the voice of my heart for a myriad of reasons -  the mind had many 'reasonable' arguments countering the heart's message, I'd rather be approved of/included/liked, I didn't want to hurt someone, it was hard to say no, and/or it was too scary to jump into the unknown.

When I am not listening, there is a sense of regret - an in-the-body knowing that I am out of integrity. It just doesn't feel right.

I, also, know what it's like to listen to my heart. How would I know how to do this if I didn't experience NOT listening?  When I'm listening,  I am in the flow. I feel a sense of wholeness. I'm dancing with my own life.


When a decision is asked of you, place your hand on your heart.  Say each choice out loud. Does your heart expand or contract?  Then follow what your heart is telling you.  Simply notice what it's like to follow the heart's lead.

With Blessings,