When Receiving is Balanced with Giving

I focus much of my work on natural givers - those of you whose giving can get out of balance with receiving. This is a path that I, too, have walked.  With this level of giving, you lose touch with your own self. You lose a sense of what you need and want.  You give to receive love and approval.  Giving helps you feel important and worthy.  You may give to avoid loneliness.  There are innumerable reasons why giving when out of balance with receiving can seem more like martyrdom or as a means to an end.

Learning to balance giving and receiving is a human journey toward living a life on inner confidence.

When in balance, you give just for the joy of it - unconsciously, freely, easily. In the present moment when you're fully engaged, you also get the opportunity to receive. Receiving can come from the beauty of nature, a heart connection, a smile, an intimate moment.  There are as innumerable ways to receive as there are moments in a day.

At these times when receiving is balanced with giving from our natural state of spaciousness/presence, the opportunity to truly make a difference expands and expands and expands....


At least three times today, stop and simply place your attention upon what is there in the moment to receive. Open your heart.  Enjoy!


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