When Powerlessness is our Shadow

That feeling of powerlessness is an aspect of ourselves that we can hide or, in other words, try our best to keep in shadow.  We avoid the vulnerability and pain of feeling powerless in a myriad of ways. How do we do that?  We can pretend that we are not hurt about what just happened in a relationship that's very important to us.  Instead we may show our anger or close down or want to run.  We can work hard to stay in control, reacting when things don't go 'our way'.  We may have the need to be 'right', whatever that is, or 'the expert'.  We can work very hard to avoid conflict.  Or our boundaries can be so porous that we take to heart any feedback (which we hear as criticism or rejection) or projections.


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What I have noticed is that powerlessness - that vulnerable, wounded feeling - resides in our inner child.  Learning to love and be there for our child - yes, even at our most vulnerable, open, painful times, is a practice.  Being present to our feelings with love and compassion does make a difference.

It's worth the effort of stepping into this loving practice.  We can learn to accept our powerlessness.  And, in so doing, we actually become powerful.  How powerful it is when we deeply know that we create our own experience.


I have healthy boundaries.  I am powerful in creating a loving and compassionate space for my inner child - no matter what happens.  I embrace my vulnerability and powerlessness as part of who I am as a human being.  It's safe to let go of my 'act'.