What's Your Edge?

I define an edge as a step that is calling you that's scary to take. In other words, doing 'whatever it is'  would be a real stretch for you.  Jumping over that edge would be moving past old conditioning and habits into new territory.

For instance, an edge might be leaving an intimate relationship that hasn't worked for a long time, and you deeply know it would be best to move on. It might be leaving a career that isn't enjoyable to you or reflective of your real strengths. It might be taking up something new like painting or public speaking. Or an edge might be allowing yourself to fully open your heart to a new partner after being hurt many times before.

Stop for a moment and reflect.  What is your edge right now?  What are you not doing because of old conditioning and habits?  What would be a real jump for you that is scary AND exciting to even consider?

Give yourself permission to stand up and imagine yourself stepping over that edge.  Now feel what it's like on the other side where you actually are 'over the edge' and in new territory. What do you notice at a body level?  Any images, any metaphor, any thoughts, any body sensations?  Simply notice whatever comes up.

Sit with what you have discovered about yourself.  Be in the silence.  And see what unfolds.


Life unfolds in surprising and unexpected ways. I am afraid. I trust that I am safe.  I feel both points of view.  When I release the emotional charge of both ends of the spectrum - when either view has no 'oomph' - I am free to respond to what my life is asking of me.


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