The Creation of a Beautiful and Loving Life

Is this the most beautiful and loving life I can possibly imagine and create?  And if not, the question then becomes - what is the most beautiful and loving life that I can possibly imagine and create? This time of year as we transition into a new year holds the possibility of inspiring deep reflection about where you are right now in your life - with emotional honesty and clarity. As you reflect, I point you to looking at your internal state rather than external circumstances and the search for something more. The search for 'more' can lead us to states of discontentment and scarcity. The discovery of what is already here within you - and the inner confidence that is created from that - makes all the difference to the quality of your life and the difference you make to others.

The paradox is that we are spaciousness/stillness/peace/presence when we truly search inside ourselves, and we are human beings with minds, bodies, jobs, and families. In essence, as spaciousness, our true nature eternally rests in love and beauty.  As humans, we get locked into the stories that the mind creates and feel disconnection and lack.

When we realize that we are not the mind (think of the analogy - we are the ocean, the mind is a bucket in the ocean), we can then use our mind as a tool to support the essence of who we are. We have the ability to take the mind less seriously when it creates chatter that is meaningless, critical, untrue and part of the old conditioning built into our nervous systems. We see clearly. We feel inspired rather than force ourselves to take action. A deeper meaning to our lives unfolds and, from that place, love and beauty naturally arises into awareness.

Now ask yourself: What is the most beautiful and loving life that I can possibly imagine and create? Where are the areas in my life that don't feel beautiful to me?  Where are the areas in my life where love is not naturally flowing?  What is it that I can do to shift my internal state so that the life that is mine to live emerges with grace and ease?


I am willing to open the door to a new way of seeing my world. I am committed to the creation of a beautiful and loving life for myself and those around me.


© 2009 Jeannie Campanelli, Inner Confidence Coaching. All Rights Reserved.