What Experience Has Taught Me

A lifetime of seeking has taught me important lessons and insights that are now part of the mosaic of how I navigate through this life.

The following are what most stand out to me:

  • Disappointedly being born a girl in a family that really wanted a boy laid the foundation for me to grow up feeling like I had to earn a place in my family's heart.  Whether this was true or not, the child within us has its own logic.  What I learned is that I was the one who allowed that story to influence my life.  With awareness, compassion, self-responsibility, and inner resources that grew over time, that story has dropped away.  What remains is this passion for supporting women to love and accept themselves, no matter what.  I have this big empathy for those who haven't yet discovered the beauty and love that lies within.


  • The major focus of my formal education has been personal development and change, culminating with a Doctor of Education, Ed.D. from the University of Toronto, under the umbrella of Applied Psychology. Both my Masters thesis as well as my Doctoral thesis centered on different aspects of the inner journey of the self.  The following are what I most value from my significant amount of time and effort:

         a) the inner resources of perseverance, courage, and self-discipline that developed and carried me through any challenge in life;

        b) the awareness that school smarts have taken me only so far. It's the heart that has determined the rich quality of my inner and outer life; and

        c) what is really important to me far beyond any educational or professional accomplishment is the heartfelt connection with another that is based on honesty, presence, sensitivity, and openness.

  • I am a lifelong learner, a seeker, and an adventurer who loved going deeply within as well as exploring the outer world.  I've travelled to many different parts of the world and have experienced many different body, mind, spirit modalities. What I learned that part of the motivation of this was a love of growth and expansion and a commitment to share what I learned with others this with others. Another part was founded on the belief that I needed to improve myself. It is this latter habitual way of operating - to fix, to improve, to need to change - that is dropping away as I settle more and more deeply into being present and accepting what is.  This is a conscious process.


  • I have had a habitual tendency to be very giving, at my own expense, and gradually became aware that the root of the giving came from wanting love and a sense of security.  Because of this indirect way of being in the world, I got myself in situations where I felt frustrated and resentful.  My attention was 'out there'  instead of within my own heart.  To learn how to truly nurture and give to myself has been a journey that challenges me to make day-to-day, loving, and honest choices for myself. It keeps me connected to living consciously in the moment - and, for that, I am appreciative.


  • I chose a man to marry the first time around who did not share my values to the point where I felt very uncomfortable as the years went on with the decisions made in many areas.  What I now know is how important it is to be with a mate who offers different perspectives that challenge and expand my own AND has the same foundational values in living a fulfilling life. I am blessed in this.


  • When I divorced, I experienced what it's like to financially hit rock bottom. I had to start completely over again - and I literally mean completely! This ended up being such a traumatic and, also, empowering experience for me.  I was forced to simplify and let go of all that I thought was important - and, in this, I found out what was truly important to me. The other piece is that I really know that I have the strength to bring myself through any situation and that, in essence, I am supported by and trust life.  I am grateful for how far I have come in creating a new life. And I am so appreciative of the simplicity of this life of mine - and continue to dip even deeper into simplifying it.


  • Many years ago, I lived within a community and saw, first hand, what group think and control is all about.  It was this experience that led me to coaching as it is such a healthy, respectful, and mutual container to support anyone to move forward. As a coach, my job is to simply set the stage for you to tap into your own inner wisdom and clarity. You are the expert on yourself and your life. I love that because it's such an empowering and freeing way to support another person.

We all have experiences in life that we learn from and that influence and shape our lives. I share these with you to give you the opportunity to know more about me and to, hopefully, inspire you to reflect on your life.  The 'big picture' view places us as a witness, one that sees and accepts it all with compassion and gratitude.