What it Takes to Be a Leader in Life

As I continue to reflect on the power of the time spent with 12 teenagers in California through the work, www.newleaders.biz, one significant exercise stands out.  The value of being able to respect a wide variety of perspectives is key to being a leader. The students from ages 13 to 18 were asked to choose a hot, current issue in our world.  Through a democratic process that one of the students led, they chose addictions.  Each of the students had a perspective (a belief, a stand, an attitude) about this topic.  They stood on the scribed sheet of paper that held their own perspective and defended it.  They noticed their passion and their attachment to their own perspective.  In other words, they realized that they were coming from, "I am right".

They were then asked to step on someone else's perspective - the one that was most difficult for them to embrace.  The energy in the room got hotter.  It was a tough place to be because they had to explore defending another perspective which was very different than their own.  A shift was required in order to do this.  They had to come out of their box which isn't an easy thing to do.  And they did it!

They had a lot of 'aha' moments as they were able to assimilate that each perspective was part of the whole and had particles of truth in them.  They found that when they listened and looked for the truth in a very different perspective than their own - they felt expanded and open and learned something new about themselves and one another.  New seeds were planted.

What would be different if we all were able to do this - in our relationships at work and at home, in our relationships with other nationalities and religions, in our relationships with other countries and cultures?


I claim my life as my own knowing that myself and others do not have to think alike. There is truth and learning in every person's perspective. I have the strength to be vulnerable and expand my thinking to embrace ALL.  I listen.


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