What Drives You?

There are days for all of us when we notice that we are almost obsessively trying to 'get it'.  This 'getting' can pertain to getting the job done, getting why something happened, getting a new concept, getting where we think we should be, getting our dream to happen, getting more....more...more...

You get the idea :) There can be so much to strive to 'get'  if we choose this direction for our lives.

The key about this is that getting is all about striving. It's about making something happen, fixing, understanding, seeking. That way of being in the world can be a lot of work. We can find ourselves pushing upstream in the river of life instead of flowing downstream. Getting/striving is a habit that in many ways is built into our culture.

Take a moment to reflect: What do you strive for?  What drives you to 'get' something?  What's that about?  Who in your past is like this?  How much of this striving is simply part of your conditioning?

For instance, a client of mine realized that her drive to get the job done, no matter what, was learned from her father in a way that really didn't work for her at this time in her life.  She was simply acting from an unconscious place that became a habit a long time ago. With awareness, she realized that she could do it differently - working in a balanced way, asking for help, taking breaks, stopping to breathe - in other words, doing it in her own way, a way that felt right for her now.

When we claim our own lives, we walk a different path from those before us who are part of past conditioning. That path can be different in very subtle, yet powerful ways.  On our path, we listen to our own heart.  We get to know and connect with our true nature. We take the time to notice which thoughts we give our energy to and which thoughts aren't worthy of our attention.


Who I am is enough.  What I have is enough.  I take the time to connect with myself in this way.  I am open to the support that will serve me to find my own path of aliveness.


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