What are the Disadvantages of Trying to 'Fix'?

I notice that when I feel disconnected from my significant other (males and females have different ways of communicating) or I'm feeling ungrounded and upset about a challenge, trying to fix the issue or disconnect doesn't work.

When I'm trying to fix, I observe my thoughts and notice that I am coming from the place of something is wrong with me. Then I know that I'm in my ego instead of in the present moment. I'm living the story.

There is a process of standing out of the story and being with what's happening in my body and emotions that makes the difference. In this place, I'm not fixing, I'm being with. It's a practice that brings rich rewards of well-being as it feels so whole.

What would it be like to be mindful of your need to 'fix' and instead be with where you are right now with full acceptance and love?


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