Weddings - Avoiding the Trap

Claiming your life as your own can get particularly tested when planning your wedding.  There can be so many social and family pressures and 'rules' that can take you away from what you truly want. Just went to a wonderful wedding where this couple stood their ground and created the kind of wedding that very much represented who they are both individually and as a couple.  No favours; instead they donated money to favourite charities to honour her grandparents who had passed.  Photos were all about getting the different sides of the family altogether.  Four key speeches said it all (and briefly), including the bride and groom's at the of the evening with a great big thank you.  Instead of large quantities of food (although what was chosen was 'just enough' and delicious), they placed their dollars on hiring an outstanding live 10-piece band in a great setting.  This couple is all about love, family and creating a fun, comfortable space.  They did it.


I honor my values everywhere I go.  By sharing who I truly am, I bring joy to others.  I listen to my heart.


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