Upon Awakening

Each morning when I wake up consciously, I see that a new day has begun.

Fresh. No past. No future. Just the presence of these first moments of waking up, this precious beginning.

Waking up each day in this way makes all the difference. There are no thoughts of what must be done. What happened or what didn't happen yesterday. There are no thoughts about what I did correctly or what I should have done differently.

There is only NOW. The waking moments. The feel of my dog, Gracie, snuggled in, the warmth of the blankets, David preparing for work nearby.  And the possibility of a new day.

What would be different if you started each day - aware - in the moment - fresh? What might you do differently?  With one simple habit shifted toward a new direction, what could evolve?  Unfold?  Flow from the shift of that one habit?

For me, I can remember a time - if I direct my mind to look - where I would wake up feeling anxious about what might happen in my day.  Or I would still feel disconnected and separate due to a transaction that I had with someone from the day before.  A myriad of scenarios. Past. Future. Past. Future. A habit. A pattern of thought.

I'm not saying that I live always in the present now. We need to make plans - it's a wonderful use of the mind. What I will say is that one small habit when I first wake up can colour a day in wondrous ways.


Intend to wake up tomorrow morning - in your body, aware of your senses, present to the moment of awakening. Whatever is there in that moment, feel it. And in slow motion, rise to begin your day. Fresh. In all of its newness. Curious as to how it will unfold.

*Photo taken by Monica Saaty


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