Uncovering Inner Confidence

I had the privilege of leading a retreat this summer called "Nurturing Your Soul" at www.carmelniagara.com, a beautiful and peaceful center in Niagara Falls, Canada.  Being together with women in a circle is a powerful way to support us to get in touch with who we truly are and what we truly want.

Connecting to the heart and following its deepest yearning is the compass that leads the way.  Simply connecting with the yearning can lead us home to ourselves. I see this again and again in myself and others.

The reality is that when we go to the deepest yearning of our heart, what we want is always, always there for us in the present moment.  Knowing this takes time to deeply integrate into our bones.  It's a beautiful path worth taking as it shifts the context of life.  For those who attended the retreat, a powerful step on this path was taken.

Inner confidence - real confidence - is NOT about working at making something happen, trying to change a behaviour, or exercising one's will.  True inner confidence naturally arises when the layers of beliefs that stop us from listening to our deepest longing is uncovered.  To be witnessed in this process makes all the difference.


Take a few minutes in your day to sit and simply be.  Place your hand in the middle of your chest where your heart energy is felt.  Listen to what it is telling you.  Share what you discovered with a friend.


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