Trying to Fix and Fix and Fix...

It's exhausting work to 'try' to fix a relationship or disconnection.  Making an effort to find a solution with our mind often times leads us down a path that really goes nowhere.   What would be different if something that goes amiss in any relationship dynamic today is handled differently than trying to fix it?  What would you do - instead?

Experiment with noticing your thoughts.  Be with the sensations in your body.  Allow yourself to feel whatever is there inside of you to feel.  Imagine talking to a deep part of yourself.  Let yourself know that you are sorry and you love yourself no matter what.  You might even to say to yourself - thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Taking 100% responsibility for whatever you are feeling means that old wounds can heal with love. The goal is to keep your heart open - for you.  From this place, you may feel inspired to take action, or not.

Notice the impact of this different path.  I'm interested in hearing about your experience.


I love myself.  I am sorry that I have experienced this.  Thank you for bringing to my attention what needs to be healed deep inside of me.  I trust that it will be cleared.  All is well.  I set the intention for harmony and ease.


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