Today's the Day

Do you live your life like you are constantly  'saving for a rainy day'?  Do you put off activities that you would love until some time in the future - who knows when?  Do you keep putting yourself on hold in subtle and not so subtle ways?

This can be a common habit - one that you've likely learned from your childhood where people important to you modelled this type of behaviour.  Generally-speaking, in our busy world, there is a cultural push to be goal-oriented, accomplished, hardworking, and driven to go after more and more and more - all attitudes and behaviours that stop us from doing what we'd really love to do in the moment.

Take a moment to reflect on what you would include in your day if no excuses were allowed.  What would your priority be?   That ice cream that you love and ALWAYS deny yourself?  An afternoon nap?  Time in silence and stillness to meditate? A phone call to a dear friend?  Making love in the afternoon?  Telling someone close how much you love them?

And how does your heart respond as you imagine that you will definitely, 100% make whatever thought/urge arises the priority of this day?


Today and tomorrow and every day this week, I make happen one activity that brings me pleasure and joy. I relish in the energy that my choice brings. I do this in honour of life, my life.  And I notice what is different.


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