Time with Yourself

In these busy times, each of us knows at a core level that when we take those moments to simply 'be' - breathe, rest into our chair, and then nourish ourself with healthy food - it makes a difference in our life. New perspectives about a challenge can emerge in the quiet. Life's possibilities are more readily seen. The day ahead looks more like, "I can handle this'.
The journey is knowing that each one of us is worthy of taking the time to care for ourselves. When we lovingly address our own needs, those whose lives we touch are impacted. We make a difference at a heart level.
I take the time to 'be' today . I take care of myself. I get in touch with my core. I rest. I notice something beautiful. I eat or drink what nourishes me. I notice my breath. I check in with my body. I appreciate being alive.


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