This Time

Before you begin, take a moment to gently close your eyes. Say to yourself the phrase, ‘present to this moment, and feel the frequency of these words fall into your body from the top of your head downward into the depth of your heart and beyond. Notice its impact on the body. Continue reading with the intention to deepen what you have just experienced.

This Time

This time, this moment, counts. For myself, it has been so important to closely and honestly look at how I want to spend my time. This exploration includes examining my day-to-day habitual way of being with time as well as the bigger question of how I want to use this time of my life to its fullest.

Time, in itself, is the highest currency of true wealth. In these busy times, the sense of freedom and well-being that time well spent fosters surpasses any amount of money we might have in our bank accounts.

When you are centered and present, you are clear about what you truly stand for in each moment. Your inner knowing informs you how to gracefully move through time in a way that’s all about freedom, ease, flow, and lightness.

At this time, in this moment:

  • Listen to your heart. What is it saying?
  • Be in your body. Notice what is happening.
  • Ground yourself to this earth. Bring your energy DOWN into your feet.
  • Rest in that which is aware of all experiences.
  • Nurture and appreciate wonder, laughter, peace, heartfelt receiving, the joy of being yourself - when those vibrations arise. You are blessed.
  • Honor anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, hurt when these vibrations arise. You are blessed as there is opportunity here for you to discover more about yourself on this path toward being present in the moment.


Choose one of the following questions that really resonate with you.

  1. How do I value the moments in my day?
  2. What are my priorities at this time of my life?
  3. Does what I give to others show respect toward my time?
  4. Am I giving my time from a place of 'should' or from my heart?
  5. How do I give to myself?

Find a place to sit, be, reflect. Write in your journal if that helps you. Discover more about you and your relationship with time.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,

With love,