The Value of Coaching

Through these eight years of coaching many, many people and consistently experiencing being coached, I continue to grow in my deep awareness of and gratitude for the value that this wonderful practice brings. I feel honoured to be a part of this profession.

I believe it is a sacred practice that strengthens our connection to ourselves, just like exercise, meditation and prayer. Coaching provides a wonderful structure to reflect and more deeply connect with who we truly are. I see what's really possible when we do that as human beings. Getting to know who we truly are, our essential being, opens us up to joy, love, inner peace and creativity. We claim OUR lives, and how sacred is that!

Sessions allow us to process out loud what needs to be clarified or worked through so we can move past our fear-based egos. We all have our human blind spots that cry out for us to shine the light on them in order to move on.

Coaching gives the opportunity to anchor into the very cells of our body all the positives of our lives. Research supports that our brains have the opportunity to actually change physiologically as we shift from its naturally tendency to think of the negative to prepare for survival. (see ).

What would be different for you if you had someone who would be a witness to your life, reflect back the truth of your essential self, and hold the focus for what you truly want?


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