The Urgency of it All

What I notice is when I feel the need or desire to do something "right away", the decision typically comes from a fearful place. There's this sense of urgency which is often accompanied by such thoughts as: "I have to fix this." "If I don't do it now, I will miss out." "There's not enough." "It's not okay the way it is." There's a sense of tension in the body and usually a knot in the stomach. The behaviours that go along with this are striving, grasping, hurrying, pressuring, forcing.

Do you recognize this place within you, too?

More and more I notice that I want to make decisions from a quiet, grounded, heart-centered place. When I feel that urgency, I pause and pay attention to my breath. I take the time to look at both opposing view points - what makes it urgent and what doesn't make it urgent - so that I question the truth of all points of view. I usually reach this place of truly not knowing and then I allow myself to be with that. Gradually, I get a deep sense of knowing that goes beyond my mind.

It's then that I take action - or not.


I trust that inspiration will come. All is perfect. I listen to my inner knowing that is beyond the mind. I embrace anxiety. I notice the Rescuer within myself.


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