The Time is NOW

The time is NOW.  Moment to moment.

We can forget that as we run through our list of to-do's.  Busy minds. Busy bodies.  Busy lives. Until we feel the need to rest. To stop.  And we truly listen to that internal message from our heart.

Life can ask a lot of us. What do we truly want beyond all that busyness?  That becomes a question that is very important and can be missed in the 'doing' of  Life.  Not what do we want in the future.  Next week.  Or the upcoming new year.  What do we want in this moment?  What is truly calling us right now?

It might be to feel a feeling that we've previously tried to numb out. It might be to simply sit and be. It might be to smile at someone we love.  Or call someone we've been missing.

Being aware of our essence/our true selves doesn't happen - later. It is Presence itself.  Listening.  Paying attention. Following through. Not to what's happening out there. To what's happening within. To the experiencer who is hearing the sounds, breathing in and out, sensing the body, seeing what's there to be seen.

The time is now to tune in. Stop - just for one moment. Now. And say yes to what's here, now, in this moment.

This is the fertile soil for fulfillment, creativity, and true service. This is where the seeking stops. This is where real ALIVENESS begins.


Today choose a moment to stop. Yes, literally stop. Rest. Check in. Be aware of the experiencer.  And then choose another moment in your day.  And another.

Follow through with a thought or urge that might arise within these moments. Witness what evolves from these moments of Presence.  Get to know the inner smile of Life.

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