The Sweetness of Success

It is so exciting and rewarding for me to see my clients find their way in their lives and reach what they want to achieve. New careers, career shifts in the same arena and yet are a more natural fit, moves to places where their hearts want to live, great relationships - either finding one that fits their dream or deepening the one that they are in, increased profit from their business, a project that makes a difference AND ignites their passion - all of these and more show up in my clients' lives. The shift to making intentions a reality is definitely a process for which I use the metaphor of a launching pad for a rocket.  It takes time and action and faith. Decisions are made when they're supposed to be made - it really does come together at the right moment.

Mostly, I see clients find a new level of balance and confidence that isn't dependent on outside circumstances. They come home to their hearts. They learn what they need to learn in order to be with all of life - the joys and the suffering - and all of themselves. From the juicy place of accepting what is and listening to their inner selves, they build a life that is in tune with their truth.

I don't take credit for the wonderful movement in my clients' lives. They are all resourceful, creative and powerful. And I trust that the power of the coaching relationship is such that it's like watering a garden for the seeds to grow. Or revisiting the 'launching pad' metaphor, it's like having a team to dream, process and create together in preparation for that rocket.


I celebrate my resilience and creativity as I reach my intentions. I follow my heart. I trust my path. I receive support, knowing that I am worthy.


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