The Swan as a Totem

Many years ago, I lived on a country property with a pond. A neighbor gave me a swan’s egg as a gift, and I was privileged to be present when it hatched. I called the swan “Grace”. Imprinted to me, she grew and learned to swim while following me as I ran around the pond. She was a beautiful creature, and I felt heartbroken when a wild animal killed her. Soon after, I left my marriage. Grace’s death had indirectly set me free.

The swan is my totem. “Totem” is the North American Native designation for an animal to which we feel a deep connection. As time has gone by, I see how the ancient and sacred totem of the swan has marked the path of my own journey as well as the journeys of the clients whom I coach.

“The swan is a totem (symbol) of someone who has chosen to awaken to their true beauty and power,” says Ted Andrews in Animal Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small

The totem of the mystic, the swan is a bridge between our humanness and our spirit, the essence of who we are. This ethereal creature teaches us to go within. To bow to our heart. To discover our deepest nature. To live with an inner knowing that we are so much more than what our mind tells us.

Grace. Flow. Calm. Balance. Unity. Love. Power. Truth.

I am beautiful. I am. I am.

As a totem, the Swan expands your capacity to accept life, and your own and others’ limitations and strengths. This is true power.

In the Stillness, we connect to our essential nature where we can navigate life’s challenges with the Swan’s balance and grace. From the inside out.

While reading these words about the swan, notice what speaks to you. What resonates in your body? In your heart? If this is your path, too, it starts with noticing the longing that you find in your heart.

Swan medicine supports the integration of true inner confidence. It helps you to honor and share your unique gifts with the world joyfully, with balance, and in the flow.


Be with the question: what is my deepest longing? Bow to your heart - and listen. And listen. And listen again. Keep on listening.

I’d love to hear what you discover.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,



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