The Road to Inner Confidence

When we direct our attention within to the very core, our true nature, we find ourselves experiencing a sense of peace and spaciousness that is always, always present. We are essentially that presence, that awareness, that stillness.

In this resting in our true nature, inner confidence flourishes. We trust life. We trust that our decisions come from clarity. We feel an inner certainty. The gifts that are inherent to who we are on this planet flow through us.

When we are connected to what is always present, we get that we are not in the movie but on the couch looking at the movie.  We are that which is aware of thoughts, emotions, body sensations.  Knowing this, a lightness about life comes into play.

To live this way - resting in our true nature - is a practice that takes tools to develop along with the liberating of beliefs that are habitual and part of our conditioning.  It's a practice that encourages us to stop grasping for more and more and more.


I rest in who I am - that which is aware.  In this, I know that I am enough.


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