The Resounding Power of Yes!

I love that word. Yes. I notice that when I say it, I feel energized. Words have so much power. The yes word peels away my resistance and helps me move downstream with the flow on the river of life.

Just to clarify, what I'm talking about isn't the kind of yes that is expressed when I really want to say no. Saying no when it's out of integrity with who I am and what I truly want feels draining and can put me off balance.

I'm talking about saying yes to what is. It's raining outside…hmmm….darn…and yes, that's rain alright. Yes, I'm feeling sad. Yes, I'm feeling happy. Yes to the facts of my life instead of the stories that my mind can make up to embellish those facts.

What's happening for you right now that would be different if you said yes?


I say yes as I breathe in and yes as I breathe out. I notice the sensations in my body when I say yes to what is in this moment. I open to the inspiration that comes from saying yes moment to moment.


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