The Process of Relating...

The past weekend had us see two movies - the one that I want to talk about today is "Definitely, Maybe". This film was so honest in its exploration of one man's relationships... to friends...and to his significant other (s). There was a poignancy to see him find his way as it wasn't always in real life. There is a familiar feel to his journey because it fits what many of us are challenged to look at in our lives. How do we relate in ways that are congruent to us and, at the same time, have us connect deeply? How do we stay connected? What is important to us in relationship? How do we truly know unless we experience contrast?

Some people's path is to do most of their learning about relating within one significant relationship. And it isn't the case for everyone. It's not about failing; it's about everyone's unique path. Each person that we closely relate to can offer a significant piece to the puzzle of connecting from soul rather than ego alone - our true path. The relationship path is full of ebbs and flows, dips and high points, learning and expansion.


I give myself permission to be present, to connect with my heart and to explore my learning within my relationships. I begin with my relationship to myself. From there, I find my way and all is well.


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