The Power of Words and Wordlessness

I love the silence that fills the space when I  simply rest in a chair with nothing to do or say. Being. Present. In solitude. I, also, love those times while with another when words aren't required.  A walk in nature where there is the silent connection of sharing our surroundings, and that is rich in itself. Simply taking in all the beauty that feeds the senses - together.  Step by step.

And, sometimes, the words are simply not there when I would like them to be fluid and clear. There is a big BLANK, and I hear the thought, "I should be sharing...connecting....saying SOMETHING".  There is a power in words.  It's how we are conditioned to connect as humans. Yet, what I know is that the sharing would come from that 'should', polite place, that need to 'feel close' place, that need to 'fill in the void' place.

Verbal communication can be over-rated. Simply being together. In our own hearts. Witnessing thoughts coming and going.  Aware of feelings coming and going. Simply being in the spaciousness which is presence itself. If the silence is welcomed and accepted, the potential to experience oneness is ours.  Beyond the addiction to talk, closeness simply is. The ebb and flow of being together.  With words and with wordlessness.

Walking through this life, sometimes words pour forth and sometimes there are no words. And both are part of being human together on this journey.


Spend time with someone in your life and notice what it's like to be together - at least for awhile - without words. Witness the thoughts that pass by.  Notice your  body's sensations.  Welcome whatever feeling arises.  Ask yourself: is there any sense of wanting to change this experience?  And could I just let this go?

Notice what occurs one level below the words, the thoughts, the feelings, the body sensations.  What is here in the silence?  Is there a sense of 'me' and 'other' in this moment?

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