The Power of Support

When you're in the process of transition, particularly a major transition, there arises an opportunity to claim your own life at another level. It's during these times of change that we get to honestly look at all the areas that aren't working for us. It's during these times that we get to set new boundaries, put forth with clarity what we want, and accept even more accountability for our life. This requires courage. To have loving, affirming, empowering support during the scary times when we are stepping into the unknown is invaluable.

I've noticed in my own life that during challenging times, I had just the right people show up and either reach out to me or I reached out to them because I recognized that I needed what they could give. That's the magic of Life/Presence/the Big Love. It simply works that way, especially when we are alert and awake to see and receive what's there for us.

What level of support do you have?

It can be very difficult to see the big picture of our own life as we live inside the box. Our point of view is narrow. Gathering honest and loving people around us can take us through any challenge. And the benefits are many. Support teaches us humility as we receive from others what we aren't in a place to give to ourselves. We learn compassion. And, at best, we pay the gifts that we've received forward to others.

Then in the circle of life, all is as it should be. The dips, the highs, the light, the darkness, the fears, the learning involved in being human - ALL is part of the Big Love.


I gather around me the support that I need to take the next step into the unknown. With each step, I receive. I tap into my courage. I allow my heart to lead the way. I move...forward and forward and forward....with grace and step at a time.

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