The Power of Practice

The foundation of living your life in your own unique way is an inner knowing about what is most important to you. Listen to your heart’s inner whispers.  Devote yourself to this, only this, in a conscious way. Your life will become simple.

Yes, all of us can look at our current lives and find some evidence of what we may be unconsciously devoted to:

  • a particular story that creates drama
  • a habit that is all about wanting, expecting or trying to force getting your own way.

The habitual way of life is driven by unexplored urges, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. These fade into the background when you are in your heart.

These are the rich places to explore. How do you stay connected to the devotion that lives in your heart?  How do you live on a day-to-day basis with a heart that is open and expressed?

As you explore the stories and the habits of the personality, your awareness increases. You notice when you are unconsciously falling into the old patterns. Your awareness gives you the ability to choose a different way.

It is important to find practices that truly support YOU. A practice is a particle, a part of the whole. It becomes a way of life.

Your challenge is to create practices that nourish you in every way.  Practices might include:

  • starting each day with sun salutations
  • sitting in silence.
  • being in nature every day, consciously becoming part of all that surrounds you.
  • reading inspirational books
  • doing breathing exercises that center you
  • dancing ALL of your feelings to music

The practices that are available to nourish you are limitless.

The core of each and every practice is gratitude.

Gratitude melts the heart and quiets any urge to fight the mind’s tendency toward fixing and controlling. It brings us to Presence, accepting the moment for its gift - whatever that might be.

Some days it may seem that all you can find to be grateful for is the pain that you’re feeling. Gratitude can open your heart to kindness and compassion.

Other days, you might be grateful for a beautiful tree or the ease of your breath in this moment.

Keep looking for gratitude each day. The practice of gratitude builds a foundation to support a heart that is nourished and free.

A heart that knows inner confidence.


Take time to sit and reflect on what is most important to you. Make this a priority. From here, begin to craft practices which will support you to live your devotion from your heart.  At the core of every daily practice, bring your attention to the jewel of gratitude and simply observe the heart melt.

I invite you to book a coaching session with me if you need guidance in this.

I’d love to hear from you.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,

With love and gratitude,


(A special thank you to the person who took this beautiful photo.  Please contact me so I can give you credit for this.)