The Power of Constancy

I had a discussion with a friend who has experienced a few sessions of coaching as part of her pursuit of personal growth.  Her stance is that people only need tools and then can go on their way.  What I know is that passing on tools to my clients so they can support themselves in healthy ways is key to what I do.   And I have clients who I have coached for many years and will continue for likely many more.  What's that about? As coach and client, both parties know that they have a high level of competency in applying their inner resources/tool kit to their life at this point in time.  They also have a deep awareness of who they are and what they want.

So why do they continue to set up a monthly contract with me as their coach?  And why do I accept this and trust in its power?

The foundation of what I do is to deepen the learning and forward the action.  I know that the power of coaching happens over time. There are many layers to making deep shifts in our beliefs and our thinking, and it's difficult to see ourselves in an honest and real way.

What I have seen through many years of experience is that new intentions and ever-deepening layers of being human on this planet emerge week after week during our sessions.  The constancy that our coaching sessions offer is invaluable in this process.

Coaching gives clients a structure - a special time and space just for them that allows them to look deep inside. An intimacy develops in this coach/client relationship where love resides. As an impartial witness, I can champion and challenge and identify old patterns in a way that a friend or mate cannot always do. I have the privilege of knowing my clients over time really, really well.

Week after week, the dialogue evolves and deepens.  There is always something to explore because life is like that.  We're never finished.  There is no 'end point'. There's always more around the corner to shed light on and expand.

I love and appreciate the depth of these very special relationships with clients from all walks of life.  The term, coach, was borrowed from the sports world.  Would an athlete fire a coach when all is going well? Not a chance.  Like a sports coach, I, too, see my role as expanding and growing my craft so I can be there for my clients at each and every stage.  Of course, I, too, have a coach.


I value what I offer.  I trust that we (myself and other) are creative, resourceful and whole.  I receive the comfort and stability of having a partner to hold me accountable as I expand and grow.  I am in the flow of the river of life and take the time to be with and appreciate my inner journey.  I honour the pleasure that I receive from processing out loud in a safe and nurturing setting where I get to be with all parts of myself.


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