The Power of a Practice for Inner Confidence

What is a practice that nourishes you? Sustains you? Supports you in staying focussed? Connects you with your essence? A practice that has this impact on you is one that brings you to the experience of inner confidence.

Why is this so? You are centered in truly claiming your own life as you are in YOUR business. A more accurate statement might be that you are in your own heart. From this open heart, you are able to offer others around you a very different vibration/energy/atmosphere - one that nourishes them as well as yourself. You are not taking care of others as you see them as resourceful and whole (their essential self) in the same way as you see yourself.

Discovering practices that are simple and can be easily integrated throughout your day is a great starting point. What I have noticed is that a commitment to a simple ritual on a daily basis can make a significant difference in the quality of our lives.

For myself, I know that being able to rest in my core throughout the day is most powerful. It takes intention, commitment and loving practice in order to do this. Another practice that sustains me is to feel what's there for me without resistance - a challenge and an ever-deepening process. Managing emotions (and the stories attached to them) is vital to truly experiencing the present moment.

There are so many other wonderful ways to support our uniqueness and wholeness as well as address our yearning to feel the peace that comes from inner confidence. To find what works for us is key on this path.


I notice what practices increase my energy and connection to my core. I listen to what I learn about myself and follow through with action. The openness of my heart is like a window to the world.

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