The Path of Honoring

Giving and receiving honor is one and the same. When you honor another, you honor yourself. And when you honor yourself in a heartfelt way, you honor Life itself and all of its mystery. At your essence, you are part of all life. You play a part that is yours alone to play. Make the intention to honor yourself, and take an important step toward true aliveness.

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How you can truly honor yourself and, in doing so, honor others:

1. Make choices that respect the sacredness of who you truly are.
You place your attention on the depth of who you are - your essence - rather than only on the surface of your life. You give attention to discovering practices that support you in diving into this depth, and make these practices a priority in your life.

2. Listen to your heart.

Turn inward to your heart and notice when it expands and contracts at the point of making a decision. The body gives you information about the next step in front of you. Follow the wisdom in that, trusting that it is your guide.
When the mind creates its ‘stories’, drop into the heart and ask the question, “Is this true?”. The heart always answers the question, and the answer is usually “no” or “I don’t know”. The heart’s response is your portal into presence.
Through the heart, allow yourself to experience your deepest yearning beyond all circumstances.

3. Accept.

You have the right to make your own choices and to be on your own unique life journey. When you live the truth of this for you, you naturally respect the right of others to make their own choices about their life. This points to acceptance. Be honest with yourself about the feelings that arise in you.

Feeling good is not your goal. Instead, your goal is to be with all your feelings, including the uncomfortable ones. Accept all of them, noticing what’s here in this moment... and each moment as it arises. This is what true acceptance is about. Clarity arises from here.

4. Focus on your strengths and joyfully give from the place of clarity and acceptance.

Take the time to be fully aware of your gifts - to honor them-- so you can channel them in a direction where they can thrive. We all have had the experienced the pain of dishonor in big--and small--ways. Many of us have old stories that have impacted our lives. These very same stories have inspired us to make a difference. Rooted in each story is a jewel, an inspiration to grow.

Practice honoring yourself:
Choose one area from the above that feels like your edge. Rest in this edge with a willingness to be there, accepting any discomfort that arises. Watch what clarity unfolds for you.

How do you honor you? Join me in this conversation on Facebook.I’d love to hear your insights, comments, and questions.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,



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