The Nature of the Feminine

Men and women have an inner feminine and inner masculine. The inner feminine is the aspect within that is feeling, nurturing, loving, intuitively aware of others, and highly motivated to relate to and connect with others.  The feminine lives in the heart.

I have an inner masculine that is very capable in focussing and setting goals which I accomplish.  And, mostly, the heart rules my day. I notice how much joy I receive from 'mothering'.  The practice then becomes ensuring that I deeply care for myself in all ways, particularly by connecting to my core.  Through this connection to stillness/presence/love,  I notice the times that I am able to give freely rather than give in order to get.  When I am focussed on expecting/getting, there is a compassionate and all-embracing witness of my humanness.

This attention to the feminine has been part of my journey. It was a great disappointment to my parents and grandparents as I was another girl.  The dream of this Italian family was to have a boy who would carry on the Campanelli name.  At my wedding, as I heard that story shared by my father during his speech, I again got the message that I had to earn my place in their hearts.

The gift of this experience was that I have taken a strong stand to support men as well as women to appreciate, honor and value the inner feminine.  The world needs this to bring about balance.


Take the time to notice how your inner feminine expresses itself throughout your day. Do you allow your feelings to flow?  Are you in the body - attending to the times that your heart expands or contracts and following its message to you?  Do you take the time to nurture your relationships?  Are you willing to share what is inside your heart?


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