The Melting Heart

As I write this, spring is unfolding in this part of Canada. In the dreariness of this quiet afternoon, there is alternate rain and snow.  In the big picture, the time of melting has begun.  And, for me, the word, melting, brings to mind the inherent beauty of the heart.

The melting heart softens and gently opens as the walls which are formed by beliefs crumble. This melting cannot be forced.  Bit by bit.  Softly. Gently. The melting happens when we take the time to be still and listen carefully to those beliefs that close down our hearts. The beliefs that keep the experience of pure Love at a distance.  Beliefs like: I can't trust you, I don't trust myself, the world isn't safe, I don't want to feel pain, it hurts too much to be vulnerable, no one loves me, I'm not important, I'm afraid to be used....and many, many more.

Beliefs that create tension in the chest area. Beliefs that close us down to seeing the perfection of Life as it is in all its simplicity.  Yet, when we question the mind and allow ourselves to feel whatever is to be felt, we melt into the one heart where we feel connected to everyone, beginning with ourselves.

I've spent a lot of time in the mental realm as a professional student and a avid fan of processing. As the years go by, I've learned what I've most longed for rests in my heart - in this moment. In allowing myself to deeply feel without any story attached to the feelings, it is in my own heart that I find peace and true connection. It is here that I gently and compassionately own the habits of my personality that take me away from being present. It is in the heart where there is a fullness that I never thought possible.

The path of the heart is worth every step. The outer circumstances of life drop away in importance when the realization grows that the key to a full life lies completely in our inner state. The heart that holds everything.  It is then that we can truly give to others in free and natural ways.

This is inner confidence. The is where the fertile soil to be truly yourself rests. This is Love, pure and simple.


Breathe into your heart. Pay attention to the gap between the inhale and exhale where the silence lives.  Make it a priority to mine for those beliefs that get in the way of you opening your heart.


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