The Meaning of Claiming Your Life

I use the term, "claiming your life as your own", a lot - it's my signature tag line. Those of you who 'get' the meaning of this, do so because at a gut level you're aware that this is your work. My perspective is that fully claiming our lives is everyone's work - at varying degrees.

For myself, it means truly living my own life rather than someone else's. Being in touch with what feels right to say yes to and what feels right to say no to is part of this process. Knowing my values, my strengths, my calling - all this and more has me step into my life and surrender to Life itself in a way that makes all the difference.

The paradox is that getting into step with our own lives brings wholeness - that sense of oneness and connection. It is when we are in touch with our core that we are able to truly serve others from an empowering place instead of from the Rescuer role.


I claim my life as my own - recognizing the sacred in myself and my life. I understand that I am part of an evolving human journey. What I do impacts others. From this perspective of the 'big picture', I take full responsibility for my life.

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