The Many Facets of Rest

There is something very powerful about this word. 'Rest' - in its many different facets - can significantly influence the quality of our lives.

Studies talk about the lack of 'rest' in our society, the kind of rest that pertains to sleep. When we don't ensure that we're getting the 'rest' our body requires, there is an impact on our ability to think clearly and wade our way through stressful moments. We likely feel less grounded and more led by our emotions. Our body doesn't function with the same vitality and aliveness typical of when we're 'rested'.

'Rest' also coincides with relaxation. Many people don't give themselves the opportunity to simply 'rest' unless they're sick. Their bodies have to scream out, "Take care of me!" by getting a cold, for instance.  Bed 'rest' - permission to just be and nap during the day! - is almost too good to be true for someone who is always pushing themselves to keep busy and work.

There are people who spend thousands of dollars on holidays so they can do nothing - in other words, 'rest'. It is of high value because it's so rare. Coming home with the glow of relaxation and rejuvenation from a 'restful' holiday has us feel ready for what's next.

I like the use of the word, 'rest', in reference to how we are in our relationship with life. Do we take the time to 'rest' into our emotions, allowing them to just be what they are without trying to fix them? What a difference it makes in staying connected to ourselves when we stop and 'rest' and listen to what's happening deep inside of us. Through 'rest', inspiration and creativity floats to the surface.

'Rest' also ties into 'resting' into what life offers, experiencing and accepting what is, without having to fight and resist. Through 'rest', new possibilities gently arise and movement forward does occur. The difference is that it occurs in an organic way without urgency and fear. A sense of trust gently propels us forward as we know that life unfolds according to its own time and wisdom.


I allow myself to explore the many faces of rest. I release my need to be busy and control myself, my circumstances and the people whose paths I cross. I rest into myself - my heart, my spirit, my life. I relish the time to soak in the sun, even if it's only in my imagination.


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