The Magic of Friendship

I am preparing to travel tomorrow to Balsalm Lake, a wonderful place in northern Ontario, Canada (well, north for someone who lives at the very southern tip of Ontario) to be with a group of dear friends and colleagues. We meet every year to check in about our lives, to support one another in moving forward and to enjoy the beauty of this log cabin in the woods together. It's about our fourteenth year, if I'm counting correctly, and I've treasured each time. We all met years ago as we trained in psychodrama. We connected. And the rest unfolded. In psychodrama, there is a protagonist (the one with the story), a director who oversees and leads the direction of working it through, and all kinds of players who take varying parts in the protagonist's story. Being a witness, getting into the body, moving through what's happening in new, creative ways with the insight of being a witness - all of these components bring a new level of clarity to one's life. I use this tool in my coaching practice in my own way as it's been a wonderful way for me to do 'my work' through the years.

What I have learned is that claiming my life as my own doesn't mean that I have to do everything myself. It's actually quite the contrary. I open myself to receiving the support of my many friends. I allow myself to connect with the joy of friendship - like-minded people with whom I have a sense of ease, comfort, fun, relaxation, mutual pleasure and common interests. How great is that!


May I open myself to the joy of friendship. May I mutually give and receive love and support. May my heart open to the love of the Divine and see the Divine in the eyes of each of my friends.


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