The Lushness of Life

Here in my part of the world, it's summer. Spending time outdoors in nature is a must at this time of year, at least for me, as everything is so lush and green and fresh. All the wonderful colours of flowers and shades of green. The warmth of the light. Little animals darting in and out of the high grasses and woods. The ability to go into the backyard and pick herbs and the freshest of vegetables. Our dogs exploring with joy everything that catches their attention. Yes! Summer is a great metaphor for the abundance of Life.

It's times like these that I feel so grateful for the freedom and opportunity to enjoy what Mother Earth offers. As I breathe and become aware of my true nature, my connection to all that is, I feel one with this world. A simple life. An abundant life. It all begins with a walk in nature and an ever-evolving and deepening awareness of what surrounds me. What surrounds all of us. Life is good.


In claiming my life - deeply knowing who I am, accepting all of me, and expressing my true nature, I rest in what Life offers me. I feel alive and connected. I am calm. I have faith that all of life is truly supported and embraced, including myself.

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