The Kid in Us

Through the years as I've explored the area of personal development and growth, the theme that emerges over and over is the importance of addressing our inner child. The inner child is where our wounds lie. That part of us - the child - carries unresolved feelings that get triggered in our grown-up lives and then can create messes. Outdated decisions were made by the child that can block us from getting what we want.

As adults, we want to push down the vulnerability and pain of this part that we carry inside of us or, at best, we try to ignore it. Yet, it is the inner child that will thwart us from feeling the freedom and joy that is our birthright.

The key is that our inner child really doesn't want anything from anyone else except us.  That part of us wants to be acknowledged, accepted and loved. That part will be ready to hear 'adult' information about what's true after experiencing compassion and tenderness - from us.


I listen to my hurt, sad, afraid and/or angry inner child first with love and compassion. I deeply know that attending to my inner child is the key to feeling self-love. When that deep part of me is acknowledged, I am joyful and in the flow.


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