The Inner Voice of Knowing

A wonderful way to use intuition as a tool to create flow and ease is to notice your body - what increases and what decreases its energy. Your body is a compass that you can follow; the reason being that the body is in the present moment which is very different from the mind.

When the mind is involved, that sense of  true and clear knowing can be difficult to reach. You may get a 'hit' about something and, after checking out your assumptions, find out that what you thought was true was only partially true.  The mind, everyone's mind, has a tendency to make up stories, based on points of view grounded in old conditioning.  The other factor of the mind is that we can fool ourselves into thinking that we can use our intuition to control our future - to make that perfect decision or to get it right.

Beyond the mind lies the inner voice. A way of reaching this voice is in the silence. A way that I support clients to reach the place of pure knowing is to collect all points of view around a decision that is on the table and then move through a process of releasing each one of them until silence/presence remains.  This is the place where clarity arises and, from this place, the next action step arises.


For fifteen minutes today, allow your body to lead the way.  Notice what happens when your mind falls into the background, and you pay attention to what the sensations in the body are telling you.  Breathe into your heart and simply follow its lead, flowing from one moment to the next.  Play with this and notice what you discover about yourself.


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