The Inner Confidence of Letting Go

It's tricky to let go. I was working with a client this week who explored each opposite: "I want it my way" and "I let it go". These points of view can fight it out, and I believe that this is the case for all of us.

Becoming aware of what stops us from letting go is the first step. What stops you? Could it be that you're afraid if you let go you will lose control? Chaos might result? Your agendas might be lost. You won't get what you think you want?

We listen to the conditioning that says we're supposed to get into action - any responsible person would. We're really in charge of our lives. Beliefs, beliefs, beliefs.

What is one way that letting go can show up in our lives? What I know is that there are times in my life that I didn't listen to logic. I made a decision to take action - or not - simply because I felt an energetic pull. In other words, my mind didn't win the vote. I surrendered to a deeper part of myself.

For example, I married my first husband although there were signs that told me, logically-speaking, that it wasn't a good idea. There were many challenges for me on this path. From the vantage point of where I am now, looking back, it was a perfect decision. No mistake. I learned so much that helps me do the work that I do. I gained so much strength around standing on my own. The experience was priceless and, I believe, part of my destiny.

What times in your life did you not listen to the voice of reason and instead listened to a deep part of yourself? You then discovered it all worked out in its own way - the way that was part of your destiny.


I explore listening to the part that lives in the stillness and knows - the part beyond my mind. I let go of my need to understand it all with my mind. I open to surrendering to that inner knowing deep inside of me.

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