The Inner Confidence of Experiencing What's True

The media talks or writes a lot about the word, confidence, whether it be self-confidence or a quiet confidence when describing someone. Confidence often refers to an attitude of "I can do this", "I take risks", "I believe in myself", "I like who I am". In our culture, confidence is a quality to aspire to - one that is admired, respected and, as an offshoot, often leads to success in worldly terms.

What I refer to when I talk about inner confidence are the feelings of well-being, serenity, and joy that come from deeply knowing yourself (the experience of your true nature), accepting the lightness and darkness of being human (living in the paradox), and freely expressing the truth of who you are (Presence).

This inner confidence or certainty has nothing to do with external circumstances or events. It is 100% an internal state, founded upon the relationship with your true self and your life.

One pathway to this state is to take full responsibility, to self-reference, without trying to 'fix' either the personality of yourself or another. I believe Inner confidence is present when you freely express your gifts to the world from the experience of Presence moving uniquely through you. This Presence provides the juice for creative flow, authentic giving, and causeless joy and peace.


I rest in who I truly am - love/stillness/presence. I release what gets in the way of this freedom. I move forward with an inner confidence/certainty that helps me stay open to and trusting of Life.


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