The Healthy Ego

I have noticed that the word, ego, can have a negative connotation. In today's world, telling someone that they've got a big ego can mean that they're self-centered and/or self-focused which isn't necessarily seen as a compliment. I have previously written that it is our ego which is the part of us that is about finding our place in the world. It's our ego where comparison and judgment of self and others lives.

What is a healthy ego? What I have seen is that when we see ourselves as equal to others and others equal to us (this comes from our soul), our ego is free to stand in its strengths. Knowing yourself - your natural strengths and limitations, your skills, your purpose, your values, your likes and dislikes - all of this information anchored deeply within you at a cellular level makes a profound difference in well-being. I notice that my owning all of who I am helps me stand grounded in exactly that - who I am, now, just as I am. That feels good.

What would it be like for you to truly know and own all of who you are? What would your healthy ego look like?


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