The Giving Glitch

What is the impact when someone wants to give and give to you and doesn't want to receive in exchange? How does it feel energetically when it's just one way? What I have seen is that it is so important to have a clear and balanced energy exchange when giving and receiving. What can happen when any of us give and give is that the other person may back off because it's all one way. We all like to brings great pleasure. When the giving is uneven, the one who doesn't give can develop a sense of guilt or obligation. Questions can occur: doesn't this person value themselves? What are the strings? Do I now 'owe' this person?

We may think that we are being giving and what may really be happening is that we are, in truth, withholding. In other words, in our resistance to receive, we are not open to the possibility of sharing the joy of giving. It takes an inner confidence to be present in order to receive and give with joy and appreciation.


I am grateful for the opportunities in all of my relationships to both give and receive in a mutual way. I allow the abundance of life to greet me in all the ways it does.


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